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  Founded in 1992,Huahui Company, with more than 20 years experience, has developed 35 000 tons annual producing capacity of coal based activated carbon, which ranks the leading position in China as far as the variety of products and supplying capacity concerned. The company can satisfy the need of clients from the following aspects:
  The palletized activated carbon can be supplied from 0.8mm till 10.0mm in diameters, its are the first grade of Huahui Brand products;
  The super low ash content carbon can be as low as less than three percentage;
  The level of carbon tetrachloride absorption can be adjusted from 40% to 120% as required;
  Based on different impregnation processing as per the chemical properties of impregnants, such as the carbons for the purpose of desulfurization and removal of mercury etc in gas-phase, and for the bacteriostasis and sterilization in liquid-phase have been supplied for many years;
  The pore distribution can be effectively adjusted in order to supply the micropore developed carbon, sub micropore and mesopore developed carbon etc;
  As per the clients need, the macropore developed carbon comparatively and high absorptive volume carbons can be supplied as well;
The pellet crushing granular carbon adopts the advantage characteristic of pellet carbon, such as high hardness, and can satisfy the client requirement of irregular shape carbon, which can be available with different size distribution by US mesh, for example 5×7、8×16、8×30、12×40、20×40 etc;
  The powder activated carbon can be supplied in US mesh 30×200、60×200、100×200、<200、<325 etc with different specifications。
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