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Serial Number:Pro2006117104338
Manufacturer:Ningxia Huahui Activated Carbon Company limited
Date:2006-11-7 10:44:31
P- Series activated carbon, which are called granular carbon as well, can be produced in both of Dry-Moulding and Humid-Moulding. The products can be available in variety size distribution, such as P-8×30, P-12×40, P-5×7, P-6×16,  P-12×30, P-20×40 etc.
The Humid-Moulding processing carbon follows the production and service of Y - Series activated carbon, which are pellet-crushed granular carbon in fact, after being mechanically crushed and screened, comes to the favorable results.
The Dry-Moulding processing carbon, which was called hP series carbon, are special products of Huahui Company, which has different characteristics with Y- Series and are mainly bituminous coal based. This series carbon is made of the carefully chosen coal, processed through grinding, extrusion, carbonization and steam activation etc under strict formula, by the peculiar properties of highly developed macropore and mesopore structure, and low floater, which are the best choice for the decolorized usage of fluid-phase and water treatment etc.





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